Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas for what to share on social media. This list includes tons of ideas for what you can Tweet about on Twitter. Tweet lots of interesting things that your clients can use. Build relationships with your followers. You will be amazed at how many #Retweets you get when you are really connecting with people on Twitter.

My 50 Ideas for Tweets

  1. Connect your blog posts to your twitter feed.
  2. Share a link to other therapy blogs.
  3. Share links to interesting articles about therapy related topics.
  4. Tweet a link to your published articles.
  5. Share coping skills and other self-help tips.
  6. Brag about the great services you offer.
  7. Answer questions about your practice.
  8. Ask people what issues they need the most help with.
  9. Ask questions related to your field to network with other therapists.
  10. Share new books you find.
  11. Review therapy related books or products.
  12. Share inspirational or motivational pictures.
  13. Share a quote that is inspirational or motivational.
  14. Tweet a joke about therapists.
  15. Tweet information about your theoretical background.
  16. Start a Twitter chat about a therapy topic.
  17. Tweet to relieve people’s fears about starting therapy.
  18. Share information about what therapy is like.
  19. Share a link to a video you’ve made about a therapy related topic.
  20. Share a link to other therapist’s videos.
  21. Retweet therapy related tweets from your twitter feed.
  22. Share a link to an interesting podcast.
  23. Share a link to a podcast you have made.
  24. Tweet updates of how your practice is developing.
  25. Share your office hours and location once a week.
  26. Tweet that you have an open spot in your schedule.
  27. Tweet that you are open to new clients or referrals.
  28. Share free stuff like an eBook, relaxing music or a download on your website.
  29. Tweet about trainings you are going to.
  30. Share things you’ve learned in trainings.
  31. Share information on continuing education credits.
  32. Share your thoughts about what will help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.
  33. Occasionally share happy events from your personal life.
  34. Share holiday related tips like how to get along with family.
  35. Share things you have learned from your life.
  36. Share how you have coped with a problem.
  37. Tweet ideas for getting through stressful life events.
  38. Share about running a small business.
  39. Give business tips.
  40. Ask for help with a small business problem like marketing or getting referrals.
  41. Build relationships with your followers.
  42. Thank people for following you.
  43. Tweet a #FF (Follow Friday) and share who you like following.
  44. Ask your followers who they like to follow.
  45. Share links to your other social media sites.
  46. Tweet a link to your website once a week.
  47. Share a link to a newspaper article about your area.
  48. Tell people how you have solved a problem.
  49. Ask for help with a problem.
  50. Have fun and tweet how wonderful life can be!