Flyers can be a great local marketing tool to advertise your practice, group or seminar. You can make a simple flyer with your specialties and contact information. Or make a flyer for a specific group or seminar you are offering. Learn how to make a flyer with tear off strips of your contact information in Microsoft Word and where to place them to market your practice.

How to Make a Flyer in Microsoft Word

A flyer that includes tear off strips with your name and number will make it easy for people to reach you. I used Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 to make a flyer by changing one of their templates. The templates I have may be different from the ones in your Microsoft Word if you have a different version of Word. I found a great template that you can change to fit your needs at the location below:

File > New > Flyers > Other Flyers > Flyer

I chose the second flyer under “Other Flyers” because it has tear off strips at the bottom. A tear off strip with your phone number makes it easier for people to contact you when it is convenient. If you don’t have this flyer, look for a template with tear off strips. You can make them on your own but it’s more difficult and time-consuming. Check out the photo below of the template I used.

Sample Flyer Template

Sample Flyer TemplateDon’t worry that this doesn’t look anything like what you want your flyer to look like. The important thing is that it has the tear off strips at the bottom. To change how the flyer looks, click anywhere on the background of the flyer and the “format” button should appear at the top of your Word document on the same line as the “file,” “insert” and “view” buttons. You can find professional templates at Manta in a post about using flyers.  Here’s a link for some free flyer templates and a second link for free flyer templates. And a link for a Business Flyers Guide.

To change the background of your flyer

Format > Shape Fill

You have several choices for the background of your flyer. You can change it to a plain color by choosing one of the colors that appear in the drop down menu from “shape fill.” Or you can choose more colors with “more fill colors.” You can also choose a picture, a gradient color (changing from light to dark), a texture (paper bag or marble) or pattern (stripes or checkerboard). I suggest sticking to white or a similar light color because it is easier to print but if you have a good printer, you can pick a nice background that will stand out.

Format > Shape Outline

This will set an outline which you can change the thickness of with the “weight” button or change to dashes or a pattern. I suggest sticking to the same color as your background. If you going for something simple, choose white or a variation or white.

Next, delete everything on the page you don’t want. I suggest to delete everything but the tear off strip at the bottom. Whether you used the same template or another, it probably has lots of text boxes. To delete a text box, click on the outside of the text box (not somewhere inside the text box) and click delete. You want to completely delete them (not just the words or pictures inside) because they can cause design problems if the text box is still there without any words in it. You’ll know you have deleted everything if you click various places in the background and nothing appears.

Adding your Information to the Flyer

Click on the tear off strips to change the name and number to your own. Add your name and credentials to the top of the flyer. You can use a different font or try Word Art (Insert > Word Art) to create a stand out title.

You can add whatever you want to the rest of the flyer. You can add information about what kind of therapy you do, counseling topics, specialties, the populations you work with or the theory you use. You can even add pictures or clip art. Keep in mind that the simpler you make it, the easier it will be to read and print.

Add other information in text boxes. Text boxes make it possible to put information anywhere on the page instead of just the normal format of a Word document.

How to use Text Boxes

Insert > Text Box

Click the “insert” button and then “text box.” You can choose different shapes and sizes of text boxes but the “simple text box” or “draw text box” are probably the easiest. I prefer to the “draw text box” because you can make it any size and format it how you like.  With format tools (top left), you can change the background of the text box by using “shape fill,” the color of text with “text fill” and flip the text sideways with “text direction.” If you don’t want the text box to have a border, set the “shape outline” to match your background. There are other options that you can play around with to get the look you want.

Sample Therapy Flyer

Here’s a simple flyer I came up with to show as an example. I started with the sample template and used all the instructions above. Once you can design a simple flyer, you can play around with it and create something more professional.

The only thing I did different was to have a text box with columns. If you’ll notice on the flyer below, The first section has two columns for counseling topics. But you cannot use the column button in text boxes. The only way I found to do it is to make separate text boxes for each column and the header. I left the text box outlines in the second photo to illustrate this. Click on each to enlarge.

Sample Therapy Flyer Sample Therapy Flyer with Text Boxes

Getting Flyers Printed

Once you design your flyer, you can either print it yourself or get it professionally printed. If you create a simple flyer, you can probably print it yourself. More detailed flyers may need professional printing if you don’t have a printer capable of printing a complex design. You can get flyers printed at places like Staples or OfficeMax.

Where to Place your Flyers

Once you design and print your flyers, you have to find some places where people will see them. With a little researching, you can find some places that will let you put up flyers. Try taking a walk around the downtown area of your town looking for places to put a flyer. Keep your eye out for good spots when you are out shopping or eating. There are usually a few places in every town that let local businesses place business cards, brochures or flyers. Think of the places in your town that have a stand of tourist attraction brochures. Those can be great places to put a flyer or stack of business cards. You can even have a simple brochure printed inexpensively.

Start by making a list of the following types of places around your town. Contact each place on your list and ask them if they have a bulletin board or a place where you can put up a flyer. Or stop by and ask in person. Some places may not normally have flyers but they may let you put one because your business aims to help people in the community.

Places to Try:

  • Libraries
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Community centers
  • Senior centers
  • Day-cares
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Lawyer’s offices
  • Local businesses
  • YMCA
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Tourist attractions
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratories
  • Shopping centers
  • Public assistance office


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