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Biopsychosocial Assessment

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Many insurances require you to write a Biopsychosocial Assessment for new clients. A Biopsychosocial includes information that you gather from intake about the background of the client. You can discover a lot of information which [...]

Getting on a Closed Insurance Panel

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When you apply to be a provider for an insurance company, sometimes they will say they are closed to new providers in your area. They will say they have too many providers to credential anyone [...]

Marketing to Fit Your Personality

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I think the best marketing campaign is one that fits with your personality and style. This doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert to have a successful practice. Many introverts have successful businesses. But [...]

Therapists Observations: Note Terminology

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Therapists observations need to be included in documentation but sometimes you're writing and you just can't think of the right words. Maybe you find yourself using the same affect words over and over. This post [...]

Stages of Change

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The stages of change are a transtheoretical model of behavior change. It assesses a person's readiness to act and incorporate healthier behaviors. It was developed by James O. Prochaska and colleagues at the University of [...]

Advertise with Flyers

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Flyers can be a great local marketing tool to advertise your practice, group or seminar. You can make a simple flyer with your specialties and contact information. Or make a flyer for a specific group [...]

Office Space Confidentiality

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One issue many therapists don't consider when finding office space is the office space confidentiality. Confidentiality can become a big issue once you start seeing clients and realize the building has thin walls. The first [...]

How to Create a Networking Group

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After I was in private practice for a while, I realized that I was feeling isolated from other therapists. I wanted to find a way to connect to have more resources available to me and [...]

Features of a Good Business Plan

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Every business should have a business plan. A business plan can help you organize and structure your business. It can keep you on track with marketing goals and strategies. Starting a business without a plan [...]

Facebook Groups

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Facebook groups can be a great tool for networking or to grow a Facebook page. They have a different dynamic from a Facebook page and come with their own sets of rules and behaviors. This [...]