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Articles related to starting and managing a private practice in a social services field.

Urgent Message About Medicare Credentialing

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If you aren't in private practice yet, you may not be aware of the Medicare credentialing situation. For many years, Medicare has not allowed Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists to be [...]

Child Abuse Reporting Phone Numbers

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We all know that Therapists are mandated reporters of child abuse. Every therapist should have a child abuse reporting phone number handy. This posts provides a National number and most state child abuse reporting phone numbers.

Numbers Every Therapist Should Know

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Every therapist loves free resources and I've got some great free resources for you in this post. This is information you can really use! I've searched the internet and pulled together some phone numbers every therapist should know. [...]

Counselor Salaries: My Views on the ACA Survey

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Back in September, the ACA (American Counseling Association) released a survey they completed to determine average counselor salaries. The results found counselor salaries to be higher than I think they are. I would like to hear [...]

Verification of Benefits

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When you decide to take a new client, there is nothing worse than realizing after you see them that they aren't covered by their insurance. Many people don't actually know what their insurance covers until they are denied for something. Learn about verification of benefits, why it is important to verify before you see a new client and how to verify benefits.

Diagnosis with DSM 5

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Diagnosis is often included in a client's Biopsychosocial Assessment. It is also required to receive reimbursement for insurance. This article includes information on how you can use DSM 5 to write a diagnosis. I thought [...]

Understanding Insurance

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There are hundreds of different insurance companies out there. And thousands of insurance products. It's hard to understand what is covered and what isn't. Understanding insurance can seem impossible but there are a few basics [...]

How to Know When to Refer

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Unfortunately we can’t be well-rounded enough to be competent to treat ever population and every disorder. The only people who might be able to do that have been in practice 25 to 30 years. If you’re new to private practice, you will want to narrow down who you can work with and who you need to refer.  Learn when to refer clients to other providers. […]

Do You Need a Records Custodian?

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Most therapists follow the ethical guidelines for their profession. Being a licensed counselor, I follow the ACA Code of Ethics. The ACA just came out with a new code of ethics this year. I got [...]

How to Set Office Hours

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When I started my practice, I didn't know what hours to set. CAQH and some insurance panels wanted to know what my office hours were. But I had no idea when clients would make appointments [...]