Therapist Private Practice Copyright Policy

All material on Therapist Private Practice including all posts, eBooks and other written material is owned by Therapist Private Practice and Anna Deeds, LPC. All material, other than as noted in “Works Cited” or “Resources” is original material written by Anna Deeds, LPC. All original written material is thereby covered under U.S. Copyright laws.

You are not permitted to copy, reproduce, modify, sell, publish or transmit in any form (electronic or otherwise) any information or content without express written permission from Anna Deeds, LPC. If you have purchased material on Therapist Private Practice, you are permitted to use and modify information or material that you purchased for your own purposes in your business. This includes copying and printing purchased material. However, you are not permitted to copy, reproduce or transmit (electronically or otherwise) material for use by a third-party. You are not permitted to resell or publish material for use by a third-party.

Do Not Share Purchased Material

All purchased material is the original work of Anna Deeds, LPC. Please do not share this material with colleagues. You can use eBooks and forms in your own practice but do not share them with others. You can print, modify and copy forms for your own use but not for the use of another therapist.

For example, you own or work in a group practice and you purchase forms from Therapist Private Practice, you are not permitted to share purchased forms with another therapist in the group practice. Please direct them to our website at to others interested in our forms.

All material sold on Therapist Private Practice is the original work and intellectual property of Anna Deeds, LPC. This work took time, money and effort to produce and therefore deserves to be compensated. Giving purchased material to another person is the same as stealing. I priced all materials reasonably so anyone can afford them. If everyone shared material, this site would not be able to stay in business.

You are Permitted to:

  • Print eBooks and forms
  • Change forms by adding your logo and company name
  • Change the content of forms by adding or deleting content
  • Copy and print forms
  • Use forms as templates in your EMR
  • Use forms in an intake packet
  • Have clients use and complete forms

You are NOT Permitted to:

  • Print eBooks or forms and give them to another person
  • Copy forms for another person to use with their clients
  • Print forms and distribute to a group practice
  • Add forms to an EMR so other people can use them
  • Use forms in an intake packet to be used by multiple providers
  • Modify forms or eBooks and sell them
  • Resell or publish forms or eBooks
  • Transmit portions or entire content of eBooks or forms electronically
  • Transmit purchased material to another person in any form