There are some little known Facebook marketing secrets that can help your Facebook page become an overnight success. Most people who begin trying to use Facebook for marketing, don’t realize how to best use it as a resource. If it’s used the wrong way, you can waste a lot of time. Learn how to find your target market, how to get people to your Facebook page or group and ultimately to your office or website.

Before you Get Started

Before you even begin to use Facebook for marketing, go back to your business plan and see what your target market is. Your target market is going to be very different if you are promoting a local office as opposed to a book or website.

If you want a local market, your page doesn’t have to be huge with thousands of likes. You don’t want people all over the world on your page. You want local people engaging with your page. If this is the case, stick to marketing to your local friends and their friends. Get as many people as you can from your area on your personal page and promote your Facebook page there.

If you are selling a product or online service, you need a wider reach. Many of the methods described below are to get a wider reach than a local market. The marketing techniques listed below will get people on your page from all over the world.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, you can still use these techniques but you need to change them. Instead of looking for any similar Facebook pages, you need to only look for local Facebook pages. Even if a page is not similar to your own, it may have local people on the page who may be interested in finding a therapist. Local Facebook groups can be a way to engage with potential clients as well. A group around a high school, community center or similar group, could be a place to promote your business. If there isn’t a group of local businesses, think about creating one. You can help each other promote your businesses.

Using Similar Pages to your Advantage

Facebook page admins have known for a long time that the best way to get a page to go viral is to have it shared on other pages. No matter what your Facebook page is about, there is bound to be other similar pages out there. If people on Facebook like and engage with a page similar to your page, they are likely to engage with your page as well.

One Facebook marketing secret is to contact the page admins of similar pages and create a relationship with them. If you are willing to share their content on your page, they will most likely return the favor and share your content.When a similar page shares content from your page, it automatically creates a link to your page. This means a lot of new people will see your content. If you have great content and spread a message they can relate to, they are likely to visit your page and give you a like.

How to reach page admins

  • Send a message to their page
  • Post to their page

There are two ways to connect with other page admins. First, you can send them a message to their page. Some pages admins allow you to send a message to the page. However, this feature can be disabled in the page’s settings so not every page will let you send them a message. Second, you may be able to post directly to the page. This feature can be disabled in the page’s settings too so not every page has this option.

How do you build a relationship with other page admins?

If you can contact them by messaging the page, you can let them know who you are and what your page has to offer. Complement them on the great page they have and let them know you have “liked” their page. Thank them for the work they are doing. Many page admins work very hard to get their page noticed and they are more likely to help you out if they know you appreciate their hard work. Let them know you enjoy sharing their content. Don’t lie about this. They can find out if you have shared their page by visiting your page or checking who has shared their posts. So, make sure you shared them before saying this.

You might want to wait for a response before asking them for help. This lets you know if they are open to hearing what you have to say. It’s possible that they are very busy and may not want to help a smaller page. But if they respond positively, you can tell them that you think the people who like their page would also enjoy your content. Share a sample of your work and ask them if they would be willing to share it on their page or just share a link to your page. If they are open to that, they may be willing to start a Share for Share (S4S) with you.

What is a Share for Share (S4S)?

One of the best Facebook marketing secrets is the Share for Share. Share for Share is an agreement with another page admin or group of page admins to share their content in exchange for sharing yours. A S4S can be handled many ways.

Page admins sometimes make agreements to share each others’ pages or content from the page one day a week. So, you might have a schedule where you share certain pages each day of the week. You might share Page A, B and C on Monday, Page D, E and F on Tuesday, Page G, H and I on Wednesday, and so on.

Or you might leave and post a share from certain pages regularly. This means you post your content in their “post to (blank)’s page” box AND share something from that page at the same time. Be sure to ALWAYS share their page or content if you post something on theirs. People get angry if you expect them to share you without sharing them too.

Another great Facebook marketing secret is to join a S4S group. There are many groups on Facebook for page admins to exchange shares. Some of the groups are open or closed which means you can find them in search results. But a few of them are secret groups. A secret group is a group that does not show up in search results. You have to be invited to join the group or even learn of its existence.

This is where developing relationships with other page admins comes in handy. If you become friendly with a few page admins, they may invite you to their S4S groups. Some of the groups need you to have a certain amount of “likes” before you can be a member. But if you are close friends with a page admin who runs the group, they may let you in any way. It all depends on whether they worry others in the group will have a problem with it or not.

Like and Comment Groups

Things have change a lot on Facebook since they changed how people engage with pages. Facebook has reduced the number of posts you see from pages in your newsfeed. If someone likes your page but doesn’t engage with it often, they will stop seeing your posts in their newsfeed. Some pages have seen dramatic drops in their number of likes and engagement. Engagement is when people who like your page like, comment and share your posts. In order to keep up with the changes, even more page admins are working together to get their content seen.

Some of these page owners have started groups to like and comment on each others pages to increase engagement and the reach of posts. The reach is how many people see your posts. The higher the reach, the higher the engagement and the higher your “talking about” goes. It means your posts are seen with more people who may decide to like, comment or share them. And this will bring more new people who may like your page.

It works like this. Page admins have a group with other page admins. They each agree to like and comment on each others posts. If Page A likes and comments on a post of yours, you in exchange like and comment of a post of theirs. This means each page will show up in the other person’s newsfeed. Their friends can see it and engage with it. It can bring in more likes and at the least will increase how many people see your post. If you do the same thing with a hundred people, you can greatly increase your reach. But this is very time-consuming. I don’t suggest it if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on Facebook.

Facebook Groups

I think Facebook groups are the biggest new area to create engagement with your website, page or brand. Facebook groups aren’t as troublesome to keep up with as pages. You can create an open group around a mental health topic. Pick a topic related to the type of audience you want to draw in as a target market. Make tags and a good description for the group so it can be found in search results. People will find your group and join if it is around a topic they are interested in.

Once you have the group and an audience, you can post content to draw people to your website, Facebook page or other social media. You can post status updates, pictures, videos, links to articles or documents. The better the content, the better the engagement will be.

Example Using Facebook Marketing Secrets

If you are looking to market your books on reducing anxiety, you can create a Facebook page around your name or brand. You can create a group for people with anxiety too. You may even want to make several groups with a separate one for social anxiety, PTSD or phobias. Create relationships with similar pages to get a bigger audience for your page. Join a share for share and like and comment exchange group to increase the reach of your posts. Engage with people on your page and in your group. Post great content with tips for dealing with anxiety. People see you as an expert on anxiety. When you start posting links to your website or to purchase your book, people will be interested in it because they are already coming to you for advice on dealing with anxiety. You can point out the book goes into much more detail about things you have already been telling them.

The Work

Unfortunately, the tips I give here take a lot of work. If you were hoping for a quick and easy way to market your business, the only way is by paying someone to do the work for you. When you’re just starting out and doing everything on a shoestring budget, that isn’t always possible. But it is possible to get word out about your products or services as long as you realize it is going to take a lot of time and effort on your part.