Anyone will tell you that the secret to a great Facebook page is to have great content. But there’s another Facebook secret most people won’t tell you. You have to be a social butterfly to get your page noticed.

A basic principle of marketing is to connect what you have to offer with the people who want it. Of course, you can spend a lot of time and money trying to convince someone that you have what they want. But if you want an easier way, you market to people who already want what you have to offer.

What better place to find those people than on other pages similar to your own? If someone likes a similar page, they are going to like your page. I’m not saying to copy other pages but to find pages that are already similar to your page. You want to have a unique way of presenting content that is all your own. But if you are marketing counseling products like a self-help book, you want to find other pages related to self-help.

Engage with Similar Facebook pages

The best way to get people to your page is to find other Facebook pages with a similar purpose to your own page. A similar page with a lot of likes is a great asset for growing your page.

After you find a page similar to your own, contact the page owner. Most pages allow you to send a private message to the page. Some will let you post on their page. A lot of pages are run by a single person or a couple of people. I’ve found that most of the page owners at least for counseling, therapy, recovery and other related pages are nice people who are posting great content to help people. They’re often willing to help out smaller pages by sharing your content. It never hurts to ask them to share a post if you are willing to share from their page as well.

Once you get to know a page owner, ask them to be on your personal page. Engage with them as much as you can. Comment on posts they share on their page. Ask them how they grew their page and get tips you can use. People love to talk about what they are doing. Often family and friends don’t want to hear about their Facebook page. You can be someone they talk to about running a Facebook page. Other page admins are a great resource for learning what works and doesn’t work.