You need to get to know other page admins of similar pages when marketing your Facebook page. Relationships with other Facebook page admins can be an invaluable asset to your Facebook page. Learn how to build relationships with page admins to help grow your page.

Build Relationships on Facebook

Contact and build relationships with other Facebook page admins to grow your page. Once you have relationships with a few Facebook page admins, you can ask them to share your content. Be sure you are willing to share them in return. This keeps the relationship on friendly terms. You don’t want a larger page angry with you if you can avoid it.

Start by contacting a few Facebook page admins with pages similar to your own. Write a short message introducing yourself and letting them know you like their page. You can let them know you run a similar page and are interested in sharing their content.

Sample Message to Page Admins

Hi! I’m blank and I love your page. I have “liked” your page and often share your posts on my page. I’m a page admin for blank. I notice how much work you put into your page and I appreciate all your hard work. I wonder if you would be interested in sharing my page or an occasional post from my page? I’d be happy to post something in your “posts by others” box. I hope you’ll give it a look and consider sharing it. Thank you!

Sharing Posts on Other Pages

When you share a post on another page, you can write a short “hello” message with your content. You may want to subtly let them know you liked and shared one of their posts. Some pages will share content that you post on their page but not all of them will and not all the time. They might be overwhelmed with “posts by others” so it may take a while for them to post your content and they might not post everything you leave. Some pages like to stick to certain types of content and may pass you over if your content doesn’t fit with what they post. If you develop a relationship with the page admin, it makes it easier because you can have an understanding with them for sharing content.

Whatever you write, be sure to share something from any page when you leave a post on theirs. It’s Facebook etiquette to share from a page if you want them to share from yours. And when you leave a post on their page, it is usually with the understanding that you would like the page to share it. But not all pages know this. Whether they do share it or not, it’s only polite to share from the page that you post on. People will get very upset if you leave a post and do not share anything from their page. You don’t want to start a bad relationship with another page admin, especially if it is a larger page which could promote your page.

When Large Pages Share your Content

I have seen a large jump in likes and engagement when a page with 100,000 or more likes has shared my content. Engagement is when people like, comment or share your content. There have been times when I got 50 plus likes within a few hours of a large page sharing a post from my page. And when they share a link to your page with a comment like, “Check out this great page,” or “Give this page a like,” it can mean even more likes. The point is that you definitely want relationships with the larger pages because it can really help your page grow.

Even smaller pages can help you get likes and engagement on your page. Every bit of attention adds to your “talking about” numbers. If you have 10 small pages which all share a post of yours, it can add up to hundreds of additional shares. Think about the chain reaction that can happen. Several pages share your post and a few people who like each page share your post. Then, their friends see your post and share it with their friends. Those people in turn share it with their friends and so on and so on. Before you know it, a single post can get a huge reach. The key is to have great content that people want to share.