Everyone knows that content is king if you want a strong online presence. You have to post great content to get traffic to your website and to your social media. People love to share great content with their friends and family. If you have something to say that is unique and can offer information or resources, people will post links to your content and share it. Learn how to create great content for your site.

Say Something Unique

Everyone has their own take on things. Therapists are no different. We have lots of ideas about what works in therapy, what helps people change and why people behave the way they do. People are always interested in why they behave the way they do and how they can change their behavior. They often want to change behaviors but don’t know how. They are interested in why other people act the way they do. They want to know how they can interact with other people with less drama and conflict. They want to know how to live happier, more fulfilling lives. They want to feel better. They want to have less anxiety and depression.

Therapists understand the connection between thoughts, feelings and emotions better than most people. We see connections and patterns where other people don’t. Helping people see the connections and patterns in their lives is the first step to changing them.

You can say something unique that will help people and improve their lives. If you post some great content that helps them, people will take notice. It will bring attention to your practice and help you create a strong online presence.

Share Information or Resources

Therapists are often aware of information and resources that other people aren’t. We have to keep up to date on what is developing in the counseling field. Continuing education is required for licensure, certifications and most employment. You can always share what you learn with your followers.

Great content doesn’t always have to be your original work. It can also be links to articles, blogs or other content that might interest people or teach them something. Some of the best new websites out there don’t even publish their own work. They showcase collections of available content from around the web. If you find things people want to read, they will come back to read more.

Share your Personal Experience

If you have personal experience with a mental health issue, think about sharing it on your website or social media. You don’t have to give people all the details but everyone has experienced moments of anxiety, stress or depression. Ask yourself how you deal with these things or what coping skills you normally use. You can write some great content about how you cope with times when you feel a little down or stressed.

Make Inspirational or Motivational Posters

People love to share something that is inspirational or motivational. Great content can include posters or pictures with quotes or sayings that make people feel good. You can create posters using free online sites like Pixlr or Picmonkey. Make a list of some great quotes and sayings related to mental health issues. Then, you can start making some posters. Be creative and make something unique that will draw people in and make them want to share it.