Who doesn’t love a page of free resources? Check out these links to sites that have information and resources for both clients and therapists. Many of them say they are free but some of them may be copyrighted so you may have to ask for permission before you use them. If you have a website or blog and would like to be included, feel free to contact us. Inclusion will be decided on a case by case basis.

Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Center for Clinical Interventions – This website is full of resources for therapists. It has workbooks and worksheets on assertiveness, eating disorders, procrastination and so much more.
  • Wellness Worksheets – This is a PDF with worksheets and information on everything from stress management to physical wellness.
  • Personal Workbook – This is a PDF from the New York Office of Mental Health for working on recovery in a group setting. It includes goals setting, barriers to achieving goals and a lot more.
  • Wellness Modules – This site has links to PDFs on topics like anger management, stress, finding support and healthy thinking.
  • Choices in Recovery – This is a site with support and information for people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder. It has mental health worksheets on topics like goals setting, creativity, budgeting and preparing for doctor’s appointments.
  • Therapist Aid – This site has lots of worksheets, articles and games related to therapy.
  • Counseling Tools That Work – Find some free downloads for anxiety inventory, alcohol and sex addiction assessments, problem beliefs and A.D.D. questionnaire.
  • Zone Positive – This site has free positive exercises you can download.
  • Beck Institute – The Beck Institute has some free CBT downloads of basics and beyond.
  • The Happiness Trap – Lots of free ACT resources as a compliment to Dr. Russ Harris’ books “The Happiness Trap,” “ACT Made Simple” and “ACT with Love.” Great books and resources.

Therapy Resources

  • Psych Central – This site has tons of articles about mental health and a great resources page.
  • SAMHSA – This a government site where you can order free workbooks and other resources. They have a treatment locator for mental health and addiction treatment.

Therapy Blogs

  • Dr. Christian Conte – This blog from Dr. Christian Conte has some great articles but you should really check out his videos on YouTube (click the link for his YouTube videos). Christian is an amazing speaker and has a way of explaining things that makes you want to listen to him.
  • Columbus Family Counseling – Written by Dawn Friedman, MSEd, LPC. I have enjoyed some of her posts on counseling and the link goes to her articles on counseling but there are many other topics to explore on this blog.

Professional Organizations